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Though our bourbon is enjoyed all over the world, we consider all our friends, fans, and folks we work with as family. So keep up to date with what’s happening at our house. You’re always more than welcome to join us. For more information on what’s happening with the other Jim Beam brands check out


  • Behind The Beam VIP Tour with Master Distiller Fred Noe on Friday, 10 July 2015 10:00 - Private experience, bourbon themed meal, barrel theiving in bourbon rackhouse, bourbon tasting & commemorative bottle. info
  • Behind The Beam VIP Tour with Master Distiller Fred Noe on Friday, 07 August 2015 10:00 - Private experience, bourbon themed meal, barrel theiving in bourbon rackhouse, bourbon tasting & commemorative bottle. info
  • Behind The Beam VIP Tour with Master Distiller Fred Noe on Friday, 16 October 2015 10:00 - Private experience, bourbon themed meal, barrel theiving in bourbon rackhouse, bourbon tasting & commemorative bottle. info
  • Behind The Beam VIP Tour with Master Distiller Fred Noe on Friday, 20 November 2015 10:00 - Private experience, bourbon themed meal, barrel theiving in bourbon rackhouse, bourbon tasting & commemorative bottle. info

The Most Recognized Member of the Dynastic Beam Family has a Permanent Home in front of the Jim Beam® American Stillhouse

Fred Noe and Freddie Noe with Jim Beam statue.

Fred Noe and Freddie Noe with Jim Beam statue.

Jim Beam® Bourbon unveiled a statue of Kentucky and distilling legend James B. Beam (1864–1947) in a ceremony commemorating the 150th birthday of the iconic bourbon’s namesake. Beam, the fourth-generation family distiller, is credited with establishing Jim Beam as a national brand after Prohibition,renovating and rebuilding his distillery in a mere 120 days after Prohibition was repealed in 1933, razing most of the old buildings and constructing new ones by hand. To this day, Jim Beam’s namesake bourbon is still produced on the same site, which is now called the Jim Beam® American Stillhouse.

“This statue would make my great-granddad proud,” said Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s great-grandson and 7th Generation Master Distiller. “Using the Beam family ‘mash bill’ and centuries of family knowledge passed on to him from his father, David M., he built the family business into the leading bourbon producer in the world. Today, we celebrated his birthday, the legacy he left and toast that which is yet to come.”

Fred Noe addressing the crowd.

Fred Noe addressing the crowd.

Community leaders joined in the milestone celebration and helped Jim Beam Make History™ by declaring September 18, 2014 “Jim Beam Day.” The proclamation recognizes Jim Beam’s contributions to the Commonwealth through his perseverance, ingenuity and dedication to his family and friends. 10 bourbon enthusiasts named “Jim Beam” joined the celebration as special guests.

Beam’s statue was created by Benjamin Bartlett, of Lexington. His bronze work features Beam wearing his signature 1920s suit coat, necktie and suspenders. He has a joyous look on his face as he beckons with pride towards the Jim Beam American Stillhouse all while raising a glass of bourbon. Bartlett was previously commissioned to create the now-famous bronze statue of Beam’s grandson and 6th generation Beam family distiller Booker Noe which sits atop Beam Hill in Clermont, Ky.

Jim Beam Bourbon's seventh generation Master Distiller Fred Noe (left) and his son, Freddie Noe (second from right), unveil a life-size bronze statue of legendary bourbon distiller James B. Beam at the Jim Beam American Stillhouse in Clermont, Ky., on Thursday, September 18, 2014. The statue, in recognition of Beam's would-be 150th birthday, was created by Benjamin Bartlett of Lexington. Noe was joined by fellow family members, Jim Beam employees, local government officials and bourbon fans named Jim Beam (pictured) to celebrate the iconic distiller's birthday and officially proclaim it "Jim Beam Day" in Bullitt County.

Jim Beam Bourbon’s seventh generation Master Distiller Fred Noe (left) and his son, Freddie Noe (second from right), unveil a life-size bronze statue of legendary bourbon distiller James B. Beam at the Jim Beam American Stillhouse in Clermont, Ky., on Thursday, September 18, 2014. The statue, in recognition of Beam’s would-be 150th birthday, was created by Benjamin Bartlett of Lexington. Noe was joined by fellow family members, Jim Beam employees, local government officials and bourbon fans named Jim Beam (pictured) to celebrate the iconic distiller’s birthday and officially proclaim it “Jim Beam Day” in Bullitt County.


Kim Bennett Named Whiskey Visitor Centre Manager of the Year

You read earlier this week about Fred Noe’s recent induction into the Bourbon Hall of Fame. And the good news just keeps on coming.  Hot off the press, we have also learned that another member of our Jim Beam American Stillhouse family has earned some well-deserved recognition of her own.

Our very own Kim Bennett has been named Whiskey Visitor Centre Manager of the Year by Whisky Magazine as part of their annual Icons of Whisky America awards.

The Icons of Whisky award series is designed to celebrate the people and places behind the great whiskies of the world. The publication’s editorial panel holds voting rounds for companies based in the USA, Scotland and the rest of the world, before taking this shortlist to a final judging for the coveted Global Icon status.

As the Heritage Center Director for the Jim Beam Distillery and American Stillhouse right here in Clermont, Ky., Kim has played a lead role in creating a visitors’ experience that’s just as good as the Bourbon itself – the world’s No. 1 Bourbon to be exact. Our visitors’ experience includes a full guided tour of the Bourbon-making process, starting at the American Stillhouse; a Bourbon tasting room; a retail store stock full of branded merchandise; and the recent addition of Fred’s Smokehouse, an onsite counter-service café.  And most importantly, it’s just a plain good time! Since the grand opening of our American Stillhouse back October 2012, we’ve had more than 100,000 people stop by … visitors who come as a friend  … and leave as family.

Whisky Magazine applauded Kim’s efforts, saying in its latest issue: “She runs the show with her friendly, knowledgeable and efficient staff and creates an atmosphere where visitors could pull up a chair, be part of the family and enjoy the world’s No. 1 Bourbon in a whole new way.”

And we couldn’t agree more. To our fearless leader, Kim … congratulations!  And to all of you out there … come on by the American Stillhouse to say hello and see what award-winning Jim Beam hospitality is all about. We can’t wait to see you!


The Jim Beam American Stillhouse Team

Here’s to Another Beam Bourbon Legend!

After a week-long celebration of Bourbon down here at Bourbon Fest, we here at Jim Beam are excited to celebrate something uniquely our own.

Fred Noe, Jim Beam 7th Generation MasFred BHOFter Distiller, was inducted into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame on Friday, Sept. 20, by the Kentucky Distillers Association and the Kentucky Bourbon Festival Board of Directors. He follows his father, the late, great Booker Noe, and his great-grandfather Jim Beam, among other Beam family members, into the Hall.

“It’s about as big an honor as you can get in this business, and it means a lot of me and my family,” Fred said. “To be recognized by my peers and the industry is a humbling validation of my life’s work.  I am so grateful for this honor, and I can’t thank enough all the hard working men and women at our Bourbon distilleries who do such a great job every day making the world’s #1 Bourbon.”

The Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame recognizes individuals, companies and organizations that have made a significant impact on the stature, growth and public awareness of Kentucky Bourbon. Fred is the ninth Beam to be inducted, making this a long-standing family tradition of Bourbon ambassadorship.

And his legacy far exceeds our fair state of Kentucky. “Fred has poured his heart and soul into the business,” said Matt Shattock, Beam president and chief executive officer, at the induction ceremony. “He’s the keeper of the Beam family flame, an authentic craftsman and a tireless ambassador for our Bourbon brands who’s contributed to the worldwide growth of the Bourbon category.  We couldn’t be more proud that Fred has made history with his induction into the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame.”

After growing up in a household all about Bourbon, Fred officially began working at Jim Beam in 1987, starting on the bottling line right here in Clermont. He worked in various positions over his 26 years at the distillery and was named Master Distiller in 2007. And now, as you all know, he’s the face and voice of Jim Beam around the world. He has helped Jim Beam chart new paths … going where no one Bourbon has gone before with products like Red Stag by Jim Beam® and Jim Beam Devil’s Cut®, which was born out of a story Fred told one day about sweating the barrels to extract the Bourbon out of the wood after aging. He has also overseen the expansion of the award-winning Knob Creek® Bourbon portfolio to include Knob Creek® Rye, Knob Creek® Single Barrel Reserve and Knob Creek® Smoked Maple.

In his induction speech on Friday, Fred said: “The Beams are all about bourbon. It’s what we know and what we do. I know my father and my great-grandfather, as well as all my uncles and cousins, would be proud of my inclusion in such a special group.”

And so are we. From all of us here at the Stillhouse – and undoubtedly speaking for fans around the world – congratulations Fred!


The Jim Beam American Stillhouse Team

Come See What We’ve Got Cookin’!

smokehouse decanterWell, I guess if you’ve worked at a place long enough, you’ll get a little something named after you …

Last year, we opened up the Jim Beam American Stillhouse and since then, we’ve had more than 100,000 people stop on by so far. It’s been so popular that it only seemed right to add in a place where our visitors could pull up a chair, be part of the family and enjoy the world’s No. 1 bourbon in a whole new way – with some traditional Kentucky fare, served up just the way you like it.

With that, Fred’s Smokehouse was born! And what an honor it is.

Right next to the Jim Beam American Stillhouse, the Smokehouse is a counter-service café overlooking the rolling foothills of Kentucky and our historic Jim Beam Distillery. Not only does Jim Beam’s first café bear my name, but Fred’s Smokehouse is a true nod to my family’s heritage and the backyard smokehouse that my great grand dad, Jim Beam, built. I think you’ll find this place to be like home. Good company, a little food and a splash of bourbon!

Inspired by our own bold Bourbon flavors, the Smokehouse menu includes a good mix of Kentucky favorites with a modern take on things, including Devil’s Cut™ Pulled Pork BBQ on a Brioche Bun, Aunt Mimi’s mouthwatering bourbon baked beans and a signature homemade chocolate bourbon pie with Graeter’s Jim Beam® Bourbon ice cream.  Damn, that sounds good! Our friends at Callahan’s of Louisville cater the menu, which I’m proud to say is made mostly of Kentucky products and features some of my very own recipes.

food picFred’s Smokehouse is NOW OPEN 11:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. every day of the week (March 1 – November 1) and will have limited hours November through February. It’s just one more reason to come visit.

And while you’re here, be sure to make your way down to the American Stillhouse … we’ve got some great new items for sale, including our 2013 American Stillhouse commemorative whiskey (get it while the gettin’s good!) and a limited-edition Fred’s Smokehouse ceramic decanter, commemorating the grand opening. Hell, that’s a lot of good reasons to come and see us. And we can’t wait to have you.

Be good now,

Fred Noe

Giving Back to our Military Families

While my good friend Kid Rock “rocked” the crowds with the latest in his series of concerts in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday, July 20, I was proud to represent Jim Beam in making a difference back stage!

It was a special day for Jim Beam, as we joined Kid Rock – one of our biggest supporters – in presenting a $50,000 check to Operation Homefront, a non-profit organization that provides emergency financial and other assistance to the families of our service members and wounded warriors.


We’ve been a proud sponsor of Operation Homefront since 2008 ‘cause when it comes down to it, Jim Beam, Kid Rock, our fans … we all share the same ideals and respect in support of our country and its military. And Operation Homefront is out there each and every day making a difference to those military families who need it most.

This particular time around even more special as we were joined at the concert by Army Sgt. Ralph Harroff and his wife, Lorie, along with Operation Homefront COO Amy Palmer. Army Sgt. Ralph Harroff was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009, where he suffered a serious wrist injury that left him unable to perform the duties of a frontline soldier. Upon evaluation, doctors discovered that Ralph was also suffering from a hernia. In the operating room doctors were forced to sever two nerves in his right hip, causing excruciating, long-term pain … leaving Ralph unable to complete simply, daily tasks … and adding stress and strain to his family.

Operation Homefront gave the family a place to rest and helped them find the additional help they needed. Since August of 2011, the Harroff family has lived in a rent-free apartment at the Operation Homefront Village in San Antonio while doctors continue to repair damage in Ralph’s hip and while he works toward his bachelor’s degree. The Harroffs’ new home in the Dallas suburb of Royse City was the second to be given to a military family under the Homes on the Homefront program.

I couldn’t be more proud that my family is part of the Operation Homefront family. Standing behind those who fight for America’s freedom … coming together to support what you believe in … that’s what it’s all about. I’ll drink to that.

Be good now,



Celebrating the All-American Way – with the World’s #1 Bourbon!

Flag-Day-PictureIt’s a week for celebration! The 4th of July marks our nation’s birth and independence – and folks sure like to get in the patriotic spirit. Thursday will be a day of flags flying (the good ol’ red, white and blue) … barbeque (or Bourbon-que if you’re at my house) … and kicking back to enjoy and honor the day with family and friends.

Of course, nothing says All-American quite like Bourbon, America’s Native Spirit. And nothing says Bourbon like Jim Beam not just here in the U.S., but also around the world.

I’m awfully proud that our flagship brand Jim Beam – started by my great, great, great, great grandfather more than 218 years ago – now brings people together in celebration across all seven continents. In fact, the folks over at IWSR Magazine just released their data findings from 2012 … and guess what?

Jim Beam is the undisputed No.1 Bourbon in the world. And what makes me proudest of all is that Jim Beam is also the largest-growing Bourbon in the world … a testament to how our Jim Beam family has expanded with new products like Red Stag, Devil’s Cut and Jim Beam Honey … and a promise for the years ahead.

It’s a real cause for celebration, and I couldn’t be more proud. But then again, I can’t say I’m surprised.

After all, Bourbon is in our blood. It’s been who we are and what we do for generations. Since 1795, we’ve been making Jim Beam Bourbon the only way we know how, using the best ingredients, doing things our way, never compromising quality and never losing sight of the fact that it takes a team – a family – to build a legacy.

And you know what we say: when you come on down to the Stillhouse as a friend, you’ll leave as part of that family. I guarantee it.

This 4th of July, come on by to join us in raising a glass to America and its native spirit … and to the finest Bourbon in the world, right here at Jim Beam.

Be good now,

Fred Noe

7th Generation Jim Beam Master Distiller

Rollin’ Beam Style

Hard to believe our American Stillhouse here in Clermont has been open for more than 8 months already. And more and more people are coming to visit every day. Folks have been just as excited to see the new place as we’ve been to welcome them. We’ve been rolling out the red carpet for our guests. And we’re rolling out a little something else this month too…

Picture1It’s our new tour bus. Well, everything on it is brand new, but its look is a throwback to the classic trucks and tour buses of the 1930s. The “cab” of the bus reminds me of the trucks I’ve seen in old family photos. They were used to haul our bourbon barrels around the distillery. Inside the bus is a little different story. With wood seats, brass railings and leather holding straps, it harkens back to the tour buses that carted people from railroad stations to the national parks back in the ’20s and ’30s.

Our bus has arrived, and, as you can probably tell, I can’t wait to show it off. So why not come by? You can take a ride on our brand new tour bus, see firsthand the way the world’s number one Bourbon is made and of course, try a taste or two.

That sounds like a perfect day to me.

Be good now,

Like Father, Like Son

fred_bookerIt’s true. Everything I learned in life I pretty much learned from my dad, Booker.

People said he was larger than life. And it was true.

I couldn’t have asked for a better father. He taught me what matters most in life – family. He shared with me all those things he learned from his uncle T. Jeremiah Beam. He also taught me the importance of honesty and being straight up with people.

And he taught me all the family secrets about making Jim Beam… the number one bourbon.

Hell, he wasn’t always easy to please … and Lord knows I tested his patience at times. But, he made me who I am today.

I couldn’t be more grateful. And I couldn’t be more proud … especially as our eighth generation Beam – my own son, Freddie (or Frederick Booker Noe IV, for those of you who are more formal) – has now also come into the family business. Freddie is learning the ropes at our Booker Noe plant in Boston, Ky. … the plant that was my Dad’s baby.

Through the years, I hope I can be as good a father and mentor to Freddie as Dad was to me. After all, Bourbon is in our blood. Fathers to sons, for eight generations, it’s been who we are and what we do.

Cheers to you, Booker, and to all of the dads out there on this Father’s Day.

Be good now,


Summer Roadtrip Time!

We’ve flipped our calendars to June which can only mean one thing: summer is just around the corner! When I think about the recipe for summer fun, there are a few ingredients that guarantee a good time:

Good Weather. Nothing says summer like blue skies, sunshine and a little heat! The summer months are the perfect time to get outside and explore what Kentucky has to offer.

Great Company. What’s not to love about a summer day spent with your closest friends? No agenda … no worries.

ROADTRIP! A summertime classic. There’s nothing quite like piling in the car and setting off for a summer adventure on the road.  And the latest trend in road-tripping is to let your taste buds lead the way! The Huffington Post recently mapped out The Top U.S. “Food Trails” for Summer 2013, which includes none other than the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and the Jim Beam American Stillhouse as the first stop along the way. Better yet, the traveler’s go-to site, TripAdvisor, recently recognized our American Stillhouse with a 2013 Certificate of Excellence as one of the top 10% businesses worldwide in terms of consistently earning high ratings from TripAdvisor travelers.

We couldn’t be more excited to see that our enthusiasm for the world’s #1 Bourbon is shared among so many friends, followers and fans. And we hope you’ll make a road trip this summer to join in the fun.

So grab some your friends, fill up the tank, roll down the windows and cruise on over. We’ll see you right here at “Start” of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail … at the Jim Beam American Stillhouse.

Kim Bennett, Director, Beam Heritage Center

The Women of Beam

When you think of Bourbon connoisseurs … craftsman … and consumers alike … you probably think of a guy that looks, well … kind of like me (and there are plenty of us old guys out there to prove your point). We all get to thinkin’ that Bourbon is a man’s business…

But today, I’m here to set the record straight.

In honor of Mother’s Day this past Sunday, I’m proud to share with you just a few of the finest women in this business – who know more about Bourbon making, barreling, aging, bottling, tasting, smelling and innovating than most people I know – and I’m proud to call them part of my family right here at Jim Beam. Take for example …

MaryKay Bolles, our Vice President of Research and Development at our Global Innovation Center. MK (as we like to call her) and her leadership of the R&D team, have helped us enjoy new products like Devil’s Cut, Jim Beam Honey and Jacob’s Ghost.  A true innovator!

Kim Bennett, Director of our Heritage and Innovation Centers. This entire Jim Beam American Stillhouse experience?  She runs the show! And she’s got more than a few whiskey women on her team who welcome our visitors every day.

Marsha Beam, one of our finest Bottling Managers here in Clermont. She sure has good genes for the Bourbon business … and chances are that the Jim Beam bottle in your cabinet or at your favorite neighborhood bar passed under Marsha’s watchful eye first.

And who could forget the one woman who’s made this generation of the Beam family possible? My mom, Annis Noe. You know the saying “Behind every great man stands a great woman”? Our family, and our Jim Beam legacy, wouldn’t be what it is today without her – and I couldn’t be more proud to call her Mom.

To all of the mothers out there, including my very own, here’s to you. And to all the women blazing trails and doin’ what they love – well, that’s the Beam way of doing things. We raise a glass to you this weekend and always.

Be good now,


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